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European Creators Lab

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and 360° Film are still so new in the audio-visual sector that creatives almost always lack of professional knowledge. Required are multidisciplinary skills in creative, technological and commercial fields and the ability to adapt to a rapidly developing market.This is where the European Creators Lab comes in: with two consecutive, innovative and unique units European creatives will get trained their creative and technological skills during
Part1: DEV Lab: get prepared for the market.

Part2: BOOSTER Lab: for projects that have developed to market readiness after the previous labs of the last 2 years.

PART1: DEV Lab targets young professionals with diverse geographical, cultural and professional backgrounds. Mentored by international VR, AR and 360° Film experts, they learn in hands-on workshops and collaborate in teams to create prototypes of ideas born in the lab. The first lab not only provides state-of-the-art knowledge when it comes to content creation for spatial narratives and immersive technologies, it also is (as its predecessors labs already proofed) a perfect platform for European networking and future collaborations and provides fast access to international markets.

PART2: BOOSTER Lab enables projects in an advanced development state to access international markets. Financing, funding, business models and distribution channels are also on the agenda in cooperation with xR Days Europe, VR Base Amsterdam (also in Berlin, Paris, Barcelona), xR Base Fund and the International Film Festival Rotterdam.
Target groupProducers, Writers, Developers, Directors, Script editors, Commissioning editor, Software developers, VR/AR Producers, Game designers, Journalists, Documentary filmmakers, Designers
Without project
Junior | Intermediate
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