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Docu Rough Cut Boutique

Docu Rough Cut Boutique is a regional training programme aimed at creative documentaries in post-production. Docu Rought Cut Boutique is a joint initiative between the Sarajevo Film Festival and the Balkan Documentary Centre.
Docu RCB consists of residential modules, continuous mentoring and strong networking opportunities. Docu RCB follows the necessity and urgency to stimulate cross-sector cooperation and build inter cultural links between countries in the region.

It increases visibility of completed films from the region and their circulation on European and international level. The selected teams (director, editor and producer) come from low capacity MEDIA countries and offer in-depth, tailor-made training in editing, new business and distribution modules, presentation and personal skills, networking. In addition, observing projects are invited who will participate in their respective local session.

The programme targets beginners  and intermediate level filmmakers. Participants meet and match with editing mentors and work extensively with them on a one-to-one basis on the editing process; the second module follows up the progress of the films. The teams screen their entire rough cuts in front of a selected audience of filmmakers, experts and mentors; the last session is the high point of the program, where the projects are presented to the industry guests for the first time.

The workshop progamme includes editing tutorials, group sessions and individual meetings with renowned documentary experts and professionals. The programme culminates at the Sarajevo Film Festival where participants will present their projects to the CineLink Industry Days guests and have many networking possibilities. 

Requirements Docu Rough Cut Boutique selects only projects from: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Slovenia, Austria, Georgia, Turkey, Greece, North Macedonia, Albania, Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria
Junior | Intermediate
Included Partial bursaries