Project development

Less is More (LIM)

Less is More has been set up to empower a generation of filmmakers intent on opening new avenues and finding new audiences by tackling new issues.

Dates: March 2020, Krakow region, Poland
            June 2020, Plouneour-Brignogan, Brittany, France
            October 2020, Vilnius Region, Lithuania

Stories lie at the heart of what makes us human. Cinema is a powerful storytelling tool for today, plugged into our dreams and our nightmares, that can restore our ability to create meaning, for now and for future generations.

LIM uses creative limitations as a tool. Its spirit and ambition far exceed the facile business of restricting budgets. Self-imposed limitations help dig deep into character and emotion. They are a catalyst for wall-breaking film-experiences.

In this way, clever limitation strategies help bring out a filmmaker’s unique imprint, giving his or her work a strong advantage in an overcrowded market. Obviously also, introducing limitations early in the writing processes multiplies a film’s chances of being shot soon.

The job of a screenwriter is thus to streamline apparent complexity. A well-understood limitation strategy triggers strong formal choices that can help make the games of a private imagination meaningful to all.
Target groupScriptwriters, Directors, Filmmakers, Producers
Requirements The scheme is be open to 1st, 2nd and 3rd feature film projects, as well as to artists coming from theatre, documentary and visual arts.
Project-based, Without project
Intermediate | Senior