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School of Film Agents

SOFA – School of Film Agents invites six young film agents for a workshop in Tbilisi, Georgia. In 2018/2019 workshops were held in Warsaw, Poland and Tbilisi, Georgia. The programme’s key feature is its unique target group: upcoming film professionals from Middle and Eastern Europe, Germany, Greece, Israel, Central Asia and the republics of the Caucasus.

SOFA does not aim to educate film directors or producers. SOFA supports culture promoters, mediators and catalyzers with unique film/cinema project ideas for the local and international audience in their country of origin – in all possible creative shapes.

SOFA looks for young professionals from a film festival, film fund, film commission / promotion, a project in digital distribution, a cinema theatre, film museum / archive, film association, a project connected to copyright law, a print or online film magazine, VoD-platform, a training initiative or another creative project in the field of film culture management.

SOFA actively supports culture promoters, mediators and catalysers to develop  projects destined to strengthen their local film industries and cinematic landscapes in Europe. It is addressed to dynamic and creative cultural managers engaged in developing ideas and alternative approaches to sensitizing and re-gaining audiences for their national cinema.

SOFA works with participants during the planning, development and implementation of their ideas. Once selected, they are invited to extended workshops where their exchange with experts takes place. They meet to concentrate on the projects’ development, to work on individual marketing strategies. They also unite for increased networking opportunities.

SOFA focuses on transnational communication, leadership-building, cultural education and identification of public and private financing possibilities in the creative audio-visual industries in the participants’ respective countries and at a European level. SOFA provides all film agents with support for their projects, including constant access to high-level decision makers in the European audio-visual industries. The creation of a European professional network and an infrastructure that gives cultural managers the opportunity to gain focused insight into well-established structures is one of SOFA’s greatest assets.

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Nikolaj Nikitin
Programme Director