Production / Project development

Film Spring Open

Film Spring Open Air is an interdisciplinary educational programme for young artists fromthe audio-visual sector, which was established in 2005 thanks to the initiative of Prof. Sławomir Idziak.
Along with film directors, scriptwriters, actors, producers, set designers, sound technicians, and cameramen, Film Spring Open also invites programmers, game developers, youtubers, computer designers, and technicians developing new tools or accessories for audiovisual production.

The education strategy is simple: “learn by doing”. This hands-on approach includes:

- Outstanding lectures led by award-winning speakers, including Oscar winners like Natalie Portman, Juliette Binoche, Allan Starski, Neil Corbould, Ewa Puszczyńska, Zbigniew Rybczyński, Mia Bays and many more
- The development of participants’ projects in actual working conditions while utilising the latest technology.

Since 2016, Film Spring Open participants have had the Cinebus at their disposal, a mobile audiovisual studio designed by the FSO Foundation. It is a tool for developing the New Audiovisual Production Model, one that will lower the cost of film production and in turn allow more films to be made by emerging artists. Cinebus provides production and post-production service for intimate, small-scale films. It is possible to handle the shooting, including the director’s preview and actor’s make-up, as well as editing, archiving, performing basic image manipulations and colour correction, through to sound design of the finished film. Using the Cinebus it is also possible to transport all the equipment needed to make these intimate, small-scale films. Cinebus is a mobile film studio that will offer tailor-made workshops for the audio-visual industry, from first-time filmmakers to young professionals in various creative fields. It will become a one-stop learning spot that nobody else is providing

Through the tools this course provides, participants can learn how to make high quality films on a low budget.
Target groupProducers, Directors, Cinematographers, Post-production professionals, Scriptwriters, Content developers, Animation professionals, Actors, Editors, Sound artists
Project-based, Without project
Junior | Intermediate