Project development

Biennale College Cinema Virtual Reality

The Biennale College Cinema – Virtual Reality (BCC-VR) is a programme developed by La Biennale di Venezia to navigate the most innovative and exciting technology of today – Virtual Reality. In its approach to fully exploring the aesthetic and narrative opportunities offered by this new form BCC-VR provides filmmakers and creative professionals from a wide range of backgrounds with the skills to prepare them to fully engage with 360° interactive immersive future.

3rd September 2018 – Launch of call
29th October (23:59 Italy time zone) – Deadline for applications
First week of December – Selection announcement
1st Workshop | Venice – 10-16 January 2019
2nd Workshop | Venice 5-8 March 2019
29 August - 3 September 2019 – attendance of five project teams at the Venice Production Bridge, 76th Venice International Film Festival

With the support of experts and international specialists in the field, BCC-VR helps existing independent filmmakers and creative professionals from all over the world to appropriate the medium of VR and learn how to adapt their knowledge to VR in a fluid transitional way. In the process participants acquire the specific know-how around 360° immersive storytelling that will redefine the relationship between story and audience.

BCC-VR selects 12 director/producer teams to work on the development of VR projects up to 30 minutes minutes duration, at concept stage, helping them to advance their projects covering creative, production, audience/market and financial concerns.

As part of the programme, up to 3 VR projects receive EUR 60,000 each to premiere at the Venice International Film Festival in early September 2019 and to present the other developed projects at the Venice Production Bridge as part of the Gap Financing Market activities.

The Biennale College Cinema –Virtual Reality is a creative community that provides a space for up to 12 teams, selected from around the world, to come together and work with an invited team of international experts and tutors: 

- Develop involving stories and projects utilising 360 degree immersive experience
- Acquire the technical know-how required to produce VR projects from planning and production through to completion
- Establish networking and knowledge sharing between experts and fellow participants and explore the international market for VR.

Selected project teams have to commit to this programme: fulfil the requirements of the Biennale and meet the required deadlines; contribute their experience and ideas to the community of creatives attending the college; and provide materials and information for further dissemination to a wider audience through use of the Biennale College website.

Target groupProducers, Directors