Children/Youth / Shorts / Animation

KINOdiseea Children's International Film Festival

KINOdiseea International Children's Film Festival targets children aged 3-15, parents, grandparents, teachers and films lovers with up to 140 films from 16 countries, and explores the diversity of the children's film genre from new film to retrospective programmes, from fiction film, documentaries and experimental film to animation, from debut films to consecrated cinema, films that seldom have to chance to enter the cinema theatre network in Romania.
Submission/Selection/Requirements Films in the competition sections must address a well-defined audience, i.e. children between the ages 3 and 15, and be features, animations or documentaries. They must be new films, with a focus on European productions, completed in 2014 and 2015, which had their global premiere at important festivals, such as Berlin, Toronto, etc. or demonstrate innovation and great quality, and establish a taste for art cinema in the young viewers.
KINOdiseea aims at further educating Romanian youth by presenting the best possible productions for children and allowing them to gain new knowledge in an educational and entertaining way, through the means of cinema. The Festival aims to screen 24 feature films and animations and 110 short films that will reach out to 15,000 children over a period of six days.

One of the important aspects of the Festival is offering children the opportunity of meeting European and Romanian film industry professionals of whom they can ask questions in the Q&As following the film screenings, and in the film workshops, helping children understand the film industry, the details of making a film, inspiring and motivating them to watch European films and maybe pursue a career in the film industry.

The festival also hosts creative workshops attended by some 1,000 children, and a Masquerade ball attended by 500 Children. Other satellite events screening the best films shown in the main event take place in another three cities in Romania.

KINOdiseea in member of ECFA and a partner of Zlin IFF, Cine-Jeune IFF, Kristiansand IFF, Ale Kino IFF.