Il Cinema Ritrovato

More than 350 360 films from 1895 to today (all with English subtitles), five theatres from dawn till dusk, as well as open air evening screenings in Bologna’s wonderful main square (Piazza Maggiore).
Submission/Selection/Requirements Newly restored or rediscovered films.
Events: screenings indoor and open-air (Piazza Maggiore), cine-concerts, cinema lessons, lectures on film restoration, cinema bookfair, presentations of DVDs and books, carbon-arc screenings, exhibitions - cinema memorabilia and photography, programmes for children.

Facts and Figures 2014: 360 films, 18 programmes, 3 cine-concerts, 5 theatres - 2 open-air locations.

Audience: 2,300 registered attendees, 63% from 43 foreign countries, 80,000 spectators.