Children/Youth / Shorts / Animation

Het Jeugdfilmfestival


The European Youth Film Festival is an annual several-day screening event of European audiovisual creations in Antwerp and Bruges. The Festival screens an average of 75 films. In addition to film screenings, the festival draws special attention to an audiovisual framework by organising additional activities throughout the year to support its principal activity. The festival’s main target audience consists of young film lovers, but the general principle is not to exclude anyone. The festival has a comprehensive audience reach and an international dimension.
Submission/Selection/Requirements European feature films for children (age 8 -12) produced in 2013, 2014 or 2015 can be selected for the competition programme, provided that the film has not been released in Flanders. The festival selects 10 feature films in competition. Productions 60 minutes or longer are considered features. European short films, live action and animation, produced in 2013, 2014 or 2015 can be selected for the competition programme. The shorts have to be less than 15 minutes long.
The festival mainly presents films, workshops and a medialab. The main purpose is to contribute to the cultural, artistic and scientific development of the European children and youth film. The festival aims to promote European cinema by screening exclusively European children's and youth film, by awarding a significant distribution prize and through international communication and cooperation.

JEFF is artistic, thinks and does (DNA - Doen, Nadenken, Artistiek). JEFF creates opportunities and experiences. JEFF seeks to stimulate do-it-yourself, to make young people think and act in an artistic context. The festival has four objectives: JEFF is there for and by children, JEFF is a film professional, JEFF is a guide and JEFF is media literate.

Last but not least; the festival will continue with our Film Fun in Bed project. This is an online project which started in 2011 in cooperation with the City of Antwerp (2011 Youth Capital of Europe) and several hospitals and rehabilitation centres. With this platform on our website sick children can watch short films in competition during the festival period. The participants can also vote on their favourite film and are part of the Film Fun in Bed jury.