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European Film Forum Scanorama

European Film Forum Scanorama is a festival that takes place every year in November in Lithuania's four largest towns, providing some of the most distinctive cultural events of the autumn in Lithuania. In the first years of its life Scanorama attracted fans of films from northern countries; but today it is a forum for films from all over Europe. It takes place over twenty days, in five cinemas, in four towns in Lithuania, and shows more than a hundred films by European directors in various formats and genres.
Submission/Selection/Requirements Regulations of entry for the competition programme “New Baltic Cinema”:
1. The short film competition is open to young cinema professionals and film school students from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.
2. No films longer than 35 minutes can be submitted for the competition.
3. The films submitted must have been created no earlier than January 1st, 2015.
4. The films submitted for the competition must not have been shown previously in any cinema or any other Lithuanian festival.
More regulations: http://scanorama.lt/en/nbk/regulations
Scanorama is well known for being a festival with high standards, aiming to show films that foster ethical and professional values. The exhaustive process of selecting the films for the programme takes almost a year, and seeks to include not only professionalism and innovative forms, but also ideas, creativeness and intuitive spirituality, in order to explore and protect respectable values.

Scanorama looks critically at today’s often superficial needs, and through its example, it shows us how to distinguish between commercial and artistic success.
Scanorama is especially keen to preserve and foster its origins, its link with the countries of northern Europe, from where since the very beginning the films were the main factor forming the structure of the programme’s values, aims, atmosphere and viewers.

The festival’s inspiration derives from the cinema classic Ingmar Bergman and the Dogma’95 avant-garde cinema movement, with Lars von Trier at the fore. This is what determines that now Scanorama every year boldly opens up to viewers new areas of cinema, new names, and new directions and generations, at the same time as looking back to the origins and traditions of cinema.