Crossing Europe Film Festival Linz

This festival devotes its programme to contemporary and socio-critical auteur cinema from Europe, with attention to work by a young generation of directors, who will be distinguished with money and material prizes. About 160 current feature films and documentaries, largely Austrian premieres, from 44 European countries will be presented. Central programme tracks like Competition – Fiction, Competition – Documentary, Tributes, Local Artists and Specials (Working Worlds, Architecture and Society) have been permanent features since the beginning.
CROSSING EUROPE Film Festival Linz devotes its programme each year in April to idiosyncratic, contemporary and socio-political cinéma d’auteur from Europe. It provides a platform for young filmmakers, cinema lovers and representatives of the film industry. It is a festival of manageable size, which centres around experiencing film in a relaxed atmosphere.

Crossing Europe offers international film and press representatives and guests of the film industry (nearly 750 accredited festival participants) and the local cinema audience a programme with outstanding, hand-picked films, documentaries and short films. The Linz festival audience has an opportunity to see high-quality European productions and cinematic highlights of the past festival season (from A-festivals like the Berlinale, Cannes and Venice) suitably presented on the screen.

It screens around 160 films (84 features) for an audience of approx. 15 000 over six days.