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The history of CPH PIX and BUSTER goes back 8 and 16 years respectively. But the new version of CPH PIX, which premiered in 2016, is modelled after the Berlinale and it’s Generations programme and has BUSTER as a major school- and family programme.
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The full lineup features almost 700 activities (i.e. screenings, workshops etc.) of which 40% are aimed at children and teenagers. The first edition focussed on securing a stronger foundation, reach and impact. With improved efficiency and communication, it is possible to handle and keep the large number of activities within the festival period. The festival today is one distinctive audience festival for all ages with a focus on quality, diversity and dialogue - and a strong European presence. The festival has been a major success on most of the key points intended, despite the logistical challenges of changing dates. The cost efficient strengthening of the organisation saw the key staff from both festivals work closely with one goal, to create a festival as good as the ones the audience used to have, whether they were 6, 16 or 60. The 2017 edition will again offer a full 14 day programme, with children and youth films for ages 3-16 for schools (weekdays) and families (weekends) during the daytime and arthouse and genre films in the afternoons and evenings. The main programme focuses on new talents and attention grabbing audience events, and among the offers to schools and teachers are a diverse lineup of workshops and other educational events made with a focus on themes from the films as well as practical filmmaking and new media education (incl. VR). With intertwining ideas, films, events and outreach mechanisms, the new CPH PIX shows a strong synergy, that will enhance audience development, establish new audience activities and enrich the European film representation in Denmark - both at the festival and in around-the-year activities.