Animation / Children/Youth / Shorts

Animateka International Animated Film Festival

The Animateka International Animated Film Festival targets a general audience with up to 400 films from 35 countries. The festival explores the diversity of the animated film - from contemporary production to retrospective programmes. Focusing primarily on auteur animation film from Central and Eastern Europe, Animateka’s programme features a high percentage of films originating from the MEDIA countries of low audiovisual production capacity. In that way, Animateka represents an important European platform for the presentation of contemporary regional animation film production. With the introduction of the European students’ and the international children’s animation competitions, the festival achieved wide international recognition.
The Animateka International Animated Film Festival and all the activities attached to it are essential for education of the general public in Slovenia and its surrounding regions in the field of animation film. Animateka has always paid attention to media literacy, both for professional and general, student and children audiences. We continuously try to find different and interesting ways of communicating with various focus groups, to draw their attention to the parts of the programme we believe are most relevant to them. What continues to be one of the focal points of the festival is educating our audience, making festival-goers active participants in the festival programme (workshops, seminars, Q&As, audience award). Panels and round tables also form a very important part of our festival. We collaborate with educational institutions to reach families with small children, pupils and students, catch their attention and attract film-goers to visit the festival in groups. Weekend family programmes with workshops for children have been an essential and a very successful part of the festival since its very beginning.With the creation of the East European Animation Award in 2010, the Animateka festival managed to make the first and most important step towards establishing a strong regional network (being inspired by the Anoba Award of Baltic and Nordic Festivals) with our regional partner festivals (Animafest Zagreb, Anim’est Bucarest, Balkanima Belgrade, Banja Luka Anima, FestAnča Žilina). The award became a strong means of further international promotion of Eastern and Central European short animation films. With the East European Festival Coalition we became members of CARTOON – the European Association of Animation Film –, and our partnership was renewed in 2013. With this project, we ensured that all the 6 festivals from the coalition will present the Cartoon d’Or programmes.